Discover radiant, youthful skin with the PicoSure Pro at Worthy Skin & Beauty Bar, the gold standard in advanced skin rejuvenation technology.

Treatment Length

15 to 20 minutes

Treatment Downtime

Minimal to none

Treatment Sessions

add about multiple consults recommended


Proudly standing as Health Canada’s endorsed solution for Melasma excellence.

Expertly tailored for pigment correction and holistic skin rejuvenation, while also boasting unparalleled prowess in tattoo eradication.


Step into a new age of skin transformation with the groundbreaking PicoSure Pro system. Fueled by the potent 755nm wavelength released in ultra-quick picosecond bursts, this state-of-the-art tool is a game-changer in precision, efficacy, and skin protection.

Delve into the expansive capabilities of the PicoSure Pro. From addressing pigmentation, fine lines, and acne scars to refining pores, its prowess spans a spectrum of skin concerns. 

The Platinum Focus™ lens is our ace card, meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and renew your skin, without sidelining you for recovery. For dedicated pigment intervention across diverse skin tones, our flat lens emerges as the prime contender, ensuring tailored excellence for every skin story.

The PicoSure Pro beckons a new horizon in skin care, merging technology, and results in perfect harmony. Step into tomorrow’s skin solutions, today.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation emerges as areas of the skin that exhibit a darker hue compared to their surroundings. At its core, it’s an outcome of melanin—our skin’s primary pigment—being produced in excess or being distributed unevenly. Among the various manifestations of hyperpigmentation, melasma stands out. Recognizable by its distinctive dark patches typically gracing the face in a symmetrical pattern, it’s a condition that predominantly affects women.

The sun’s UV rays play a pivotal role in this narrative. By stimulating melanocytes, these rays increase melanin production, further fueling the onset and progression of hyperpigmentation. Without adequate sun protection, these conditions, including melasma and the shadows left by inflammation termed post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, can intensify.


Embarking on a journey with laser treatments naturally raises questions about comfort. While the experience can differ based on factors like treatment size and location, at Worthy Skin & Beauty Bar, your ease remains paramount. Here’s how we’ve designed a more reassuring experience:

Unparalleled Pigment Precision

Confidently address and eradicate diverse pigmentation concerns, from melasma pigment and nevus of Ota to Hori's nevus. Stand assured, as our picosecond technology boasts the distinct honor of being FDA-cleared for these specialized treatments.

Revitalized Skin Canvas

Beyond mere pigmentation, the PicoSure Pro excels at softening the tell-tale signs of age and environment. Witness the fading of wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars, while reveling in the added bonus of minimized pore visibility—all without sidelining you from your daily rhythm.

Luminous Skin Transformation

Dive deeper into skin rejuvenation, emerging with a complexion that's not just clearer but also luminously radiant. Experience the touch of the PicoSure Pro as it meticulously refines skin texture and tone, leaving you with an undeniably brighter and more vibrant visage.

How it works:

The PicoSure Pro can deliver energy in a pico second, which is 1000x faster than a nano second. Reducing the amount of time the energy is in the skin allows for minimal damage to surrounding tissue. It is also important to know that picosecond technology utilizes photomechanical energy rather than photothermal energy. This means that the mechanism of action is actually based on pressure rather than heat. When this very fast pressure energy is applied to pigmented lesions in the skin, the pigment shatters into small, dust–like particles. This broken-down pigment can then be metabolized by the body. This “pressure energy” is also applied to fibroblasts in the skin, which are cells that are in charge of collagen production. With the introduction of this new collagen, we will see an improvement in pore size, acne scarring, fine lines, dullness, and general signs of aging in the skin. 

Before and After:

Individual results may vary. The images presented are for illustrative purposes only and do not guarantee specific outcomes. It’s essential to consult with a qualified professional to determine your suitability for any treatment.


The PicoSure Pro stands as a beacon in the realm of permanent makeup eradication. With its state-of-the-art picosecond laser technology, it delivers rapid pulses of energy that meticulously dismantle permanent makeup pigment particles. This facilitates your body’s inherent capacity to metabolize these particles, paving the way for thorough and seamless removal.

The system’s adjustable lens focuses with surgical precision, which is quintessential for the sensitive undertaking of wiping out permanent makeup.

Advantages of Utilizing PicoSure Pro for Permanent Makeup Clearance:

  • Swift Results: Owing to its picosecond laser capabilities, PicoSure Pro can yield the desired outcomes in lesser sessions compared to older laser methodologies.

  • Surgical Precision: The modifiable lens ensures a laser-focused approach, especially vital for intricate zones adorned with permanent makeup.

  • Multifaceted Efficacy: Designed to work across a spectrum of pigment hues, ensuring its applicability on a range of permanent makeup styles.

  • Tender Approach: PressureWave technology works in tandem with the skin, minimizing the potential for scars and undue harm.

  • Prompt Healing: The swift energy pulses equate to minimized skin disruption, leading to expedited recuperation periods.

  • Boosted Skin Vitality: Beyond its removal capabilities, the PicoSure Pro invigorates the production of collagen and elastin, heralding a skin revival.

Embracing the PicoSure Pro translates to a streamlined, efficient, and gentle permanent makeup removal journey, culminating in enriched skin vitality and client contentment.


How should I prepare for a PicoSure® Pro skin rejuvenation session?

  • For those on Accutane, it’s advised to halt its usage at least six months before the procedure.
  • Shield your skin from direct sunlight and use a medical-grade sunscreen.
  • Refrain from getting any resurfacing or hair removal treatments such as waxing for at least two weeks prior.
  • Make sure the treatment site is product-free and cleansed before your appointment.

Is the PicoSure® Pro treatment a good fit for all skin types?

Absolutely. The PicoSure Pro’s versatility shines through its adaptability for all skin shades, be it lighter or darker complexions. We personalize treatments to resonate with your skin’s unique attributes and challenges. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about how it can help you achieve your skincare goals.

How many sessions are generally required for PicoSure® Pro skin rejuvenation?

The count can vary, pivoting on specific skin challenges and envisioned outcomes. Some might witness enhancements post a single visit, but for the best results, a series of sessions, typically spread a few weeks apart, is often recommended.

Will the PicoSure® Pro skin treatment be painful?

The majority find the PicoSure Pro procedure quite comfortable. Descriptions often allude to a gentle tingling or a fleeting snap against the skin, akin to a rubber band’s flick.

What side effects or recovery time should I anticipate with PicoSure® Pro skin treatments?

The PicoSure Pro approach is minimally invasive, promising limited side effects. Some might note temporary redness, a slight puffiness, or a sensation reminiscent of mild sunburn. These usually wane within a few hours to days.

How long will my results from Picosure Pro last?

Outcomes’ duration can be influenced by factors like skin health, age, and overall lifestyle. A dedicated skincare regimen and vigilant sun protection can extend the PicoSure Pro treatment’s dividends.

Does the PicoSure Pro system address specific issues like fine lines or acne blemishes?

Indeed. The PicoSure Pro specializes in confronting a spectrum of skin issues, encompassing wrinkles, minor lines, acne-induced scars, and prominent pores. We adapt the treatment to spotlight particular concerns, ensuring a progressive and discernible transformation.


Refrain from intensive physical activities for a day post-procedure and avoid any direct heat sources, including hot water, for the subsequent 48 hours.

Wait 2 weeks after your treatment before scheduling other facial procedures

Prioritize the cleanliness and integrity of the treated zone: resist any urges to touch, scratch, or interfere.

For 3-5 days post treatment only use skincare products as directed.

Shield the treated region from direct sunlight. Employ medical-grade sunscreens enriched with zinc oxide regularly. 

Hold off on antibiotics for two weeks pre and post treatment.


Worthy Skin & Beauty Bar extends an open invitation for a no-obligation consultation. Dive deep into a personalized skin evaluation, where our seasoned skincare coaches analyze elements like the dimension of the treatment zone, your age, and skin health to curate a recommendation tailor-made for you.

Seize the chance to redefine your skin’s narrative. Walk into our clinic empowered by our commitment to transparent pricing, bespoke treatment plans, and comprehensive discussions. We’re here to sculpt your journey, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your distinct needs.