Unleash a fresh start with PicoSure Pro tattoo removal. This innovative laser technology breaks down stubborn tattoo ink for a gradual fade and eventual removal, leaving you with clear, unwanted-ink-free skin.

Treatment Length

1 to 30 minutes

Treatment Downtime

2 to 4 weeks

Treatment Sessions

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Are you tired of living with tattoo regret? Do you dream of modifying or covering up an existing tattoo? Our advanced laser tattoo removal services, featuring the cutting-edge PicoSure Pro machine, offer a solution tailored to your needs. With our expertise, you can embark on a journey to erase unwanted tattoos, whether it’s for a cover-up tattoo, tattoo modification, or simply to fade and lighten the ink. Say goodbye to permanent makeup tattoos and embrace the freedom of a fresh canvas. Don’t let tattoo regret hold you back any longer—unlock a new beginning with laser tattoo removal.


Proudly standing as Health Canada’s endorsed solution for Melasma excellence.

Skillfully engineered to tackle tattoo pigments with unmatched precision, the PicoSure Pro restores your skin’s original allure, all while maintaining its health and integrity.


Embark on a journey of tattoo removal innovation with the unparalleled PicoSure Pro system. Powered by the robust 755nm wavelength, deployed in lightning-fast picosecond pulses, this advanced technology revolutionizes the realm of tattoo elimination, marrying precision with skin safety.

Explore the remarkable abilities of the PicoSure Pro. From removing intricate inks to addressing even the most stubborn tattoo pigments, its versatility is unmatched. 

The specialized lens is finely calibrated to tackle tattoos with utmost efficacy, minimizing your downtime. For diverse tattoo styles and skin tones, our flat lens stands out, promising bespoke results that echo your unique skin journey.

With PicoSure Pro, we usher in a new era of tattoo removal, blending cutting-edge technology with transformative outcomes. Experience the future of ink-free skin, now.

The Science Behind Tattoos

To truly understand the intricacies of tattoo removal, it’s pivotal to delve into the mechanics of tattoo formation. When ink infiltrates the dermis—your skin’s intermediary layer—a swift immune response is triggered. White blood cells flock to the newly inked site, endeavoring to engulf and remove the foreign ink particles. Yet, while they tackle the smaller particles with ease, larger ink fragments resist and stay put, crafting the enduring visual of the tattoo. Over years, a subtle dance ensues where white blood cells continually work on these stubborn particles, gradually leading to the tattoo’s natural fade.


Precision and Safety

The PicoSure Pro system ensures highly targeted removal without compromising the surrounding skin, resulting in fewer side effects and reduced post-treatment redness or swelling.

Fewer Sessions Required

Thanks to its advanced technology, the PicoSure Pro often achieves desired results in fewer sessions compared to other traditional lasers, making the journey to ink-free skin quicker and more cost-effective.

Effective on Stubborn Inks

Even tattoos that have resisted previous removal attempts or contain notoriously stubborn colors can be effectively addressed with the PicoSure Pro system.

How it works:

In our specialized procedure, focused laser beams zero in on the undesired tattoo, meticulously targeting and shattering the ink into microscopic fragments. Your body’s innate cleansing system then steps in, gradually flushing out these tiny particles. This efficient approach not only accelerates ink clearance but often demands fewer sessions compared to traditional laser methods.

Before and After:

Individual results may vary. The images presented are for illustrative purposes only and do not guarantee specific outcomes. It’s essential to consult with a qualified professional to determine your suitability for any treatment.


The PicoSure Pro stands as a beacon in the realm of permanent makeup eradication. With its state-of-the-art picosecond laser technology, it delivers rapid pulses of energy that meticulously dismantle permanent makeup pigment particles. This facilitates your body’s inherent capacity to metabolize these particles, paving the way for thorough and seamless removal.

The system’s adjustable lens focuses with surgical precision, which is quintessential for the sensitive undertaking of wiping out permanent makeup.

Advantages of Using PicoSure Pro for Removing Permanent Makeup

  • Swift Results: Owing to its picosecond laser capabilities, PicoSure Pro can yield the desired outcomes in lesser sessions compared to older laser methodologies.
  • Surgical Precision: The modifiable lens ensures a laser-focused approach, especially vital for intricate zones adorned with permanent makeup.
  • Multifaceted Efficacy: Designed to disrupt a spectrum of pigment hues, ensuring its applicability on a diverse range of permanent makeup styles.
  • Tender Approach: PressureWave technology works in tandem with the skin, minimizing the potential for scars and undue harm.
  • Prompt Healing: The swift energy pulses equate to minimized skin disruption, leading to expedited recuperation periods.
  • Boosted Skin Vitality: Beyond its removal capabilities, the PicoSure Pro invigorates the production of collagen and elastin, heralding a skin revival.
    Embracing the PicoSure Pro translates to a streamlined, efficient, and gentle permanent makeup removal journey, culminating in enriched skin vitality and client contentment.


How should I get ready for my PicoSure® Pro tattoo removal session?

  • For those on Accutane, it’s advised to halt its usage at least six months before the procedure.
  • Shield your skin from direct sunlight and use a medical-grade sunscreen.
  • Refrain from getting any resurfacing or hair removal treatments such as waxing for at least two weeks prior.
  • Make sure the treatment site is product-free and cleansed before your appointment.

Is the PicoSure® Pro effective on all shades of tattoo ink?

Absolutely! The PicoSure Pro excels in erasing a vast spectrum of tattoo colors, even the traditionally stubborn blues and greens, spanning from monochrome to vibrant multi-colored designs.

Is every skin type compatible with PicoSure® Pro's tattoo removal?

Yes, PicoSure Pro is formulated to work seamlessly across all skin shades, from the fairest to the deepest, adjusting to individual skin properties.

On average, how many sessions of PicoSure® Pro might I need for tattoo elimination?

The session count can differ based on tattoo dimensions, the ink quality, and how an individual’s body reacts. While some see results in fewer sessions, many need a longer series of treatments for the best outcomes.

Is the PicoSure® Pro tattoo removal procedure painful?

Clients often compare the feeling to getting tattooed. The size and location of the tattoo can also influence discomfort. Fortunately, the process is relatively brief, and methods such as cooling air and deep breathing can ease any discomfort.

Any side-effects or recovery period post-PicoSure® Pro tattoo removal?

Designed for maximum safety, PicoSure Pro’s after-effects are minimal. Some might observe a redness, puffiness, or blister formation, resolving in a couple of days. Treat the area like you would with a new tattoo.

What about tattoos that underwent prior removal treatments?

Certainly, PicoSure Pro can work on tattoos that had previous removal interventions. The number of needed sessions could adjust based on earlier attempts.

How long of a gap should I maintain between two PicoSure® Pro sessions?

A gap of 8-12 weeks is generally advised between treatments. This interval permits the body to process and remove shattered ink bits and allows the skin ample healing time.

Does PicoSure® Pro guarantee that tattoos will be permenately erased?

The PicoSure Pro effectively fades most tattoos, often achieving complete removal. However, the number of sessions needed depends on several factors, like the size, color, and age of your tattoo. During your consultation, we’ll discuss these factors and create a personalized treatment plan to get you the results you desire.

What is tattoo fading and lightening, and how does laser tattoo removal help?

Tattoo fading and lightening refer to the process of gradually reducing the appearance of a tattoo. Laser tattoo removal, such as with the PicoSure Pro machine, uses advanced picosecond technology to break down tattoo ink particles into smaller fragments. This fragmentation allows the body’s immune system to naturally eliminate the ink, resulting in tattoo fading and lightening over multiple treatment sessions.

Can this help cover-up tattoos and tattoo modifications?

Yes, laser tattoo removal can play a significant role in preparing for cover-up tattoos and modifying existing tattoos. By fading or lightening the original tattoo with laser treatment, it becomes easier for tattoo artists to create a new design that effectively covers or modifies the existing tattoo. This collaboration between laser tattoo removal and tattoo artists can result in more successful cover-up and modification outcomes for individuals seeking to change their tattoos.

Is it possible to erase a tattoo completely and overcome tattoo regret?

While complete tattoo erasure may not always be possible, laser tattoo removal offers an effective solution for significantly reducing the appearance of unwanted tattoos. By targeting the ink pigments with picosecond laser technology, laser tattoo removal treatments can help individuals overcome tattoo regret by gradually fading and lightening the tattoo. While multiple sessions may be required for optimal results, laser tattoo removal provides a path towards minimizing the visibility of unwanted tattoos and addressing tattoo regret.

How does tattoo fade cream compare to laser tattoo removal?

Tattoo fade cream, often marketed as a non-invasive alternative to laser tattoo removal, typically contains ingredients designed to lighten the appearance of tattoos over time. However, the effectiveness of tattoo fade creams can vary, and they can’t provide consistent or predictable results. In contrast, laser tattoo removal, such as with the PicoSure Pro machine, offers a more targeted and efficient approach to permanent makeup removal. By delivering precise picosecond laser pulses to the pigment particles, laser tattoo removal breaks down the ink more effectively, resulting in faster and more noticeable fading of permanent makeup tattoos.


Clean with water and gentle soap

Keep covered (gauze and tape) for 5 days

Avoid direct sun exposure for a  minimum of 2 weeks

Avoid hot water, hot sauna and exercise for 24 to 48 hours.

Avoid swimming, hot tubs until the area is fully healed. This can be 2-4 weeks.

Don’t pick or scratch the area.


Single Session: Pricing begins at $150 for removing the smallest tattoos. This fee covers one dedicated session tailored to the dimensions of your tattoo.

Comfort Enhancements: We use the Zimmer Chiller, an advanced cooling system, to keep your skin comfortably cool throughout the PicoSure Pro tattoo removal process.

Tailored Package Deals: In our no-obligation consultation, we explore assorted package options suited to your unique requirements. Taking into account factors like tattoo size, its age, and current condition, our seasoned team will suggest the ideal number of sessions for the best outcome. Opting for these packages not only avails a financial benefit but also ensures a holistic approach to your ink removal journey.


Every tattoo tells a story, and sometimes, chapters close and new ones begin. If you’re considering a change or looking to turn the page, our experts at Worthy Skin & Beauty Bar are here to guide you with our advanced PicoSure® Pro Tattoo Removal system.

Don’t wait to reclaim your skin’s narrative or to clear the canvas for a new tale. Reach out to us today, and let’s discuss how we can make your tattoo removal experience as seamless and comfortable as possible.