Patient Financing

Worthy Skin & Beauty Bar has teamed up with Beautifi Financing, offering you competitive interest rates and manageable monthly payments. Numerous Canadians trust Beautifi to make elective beauty treatments both affordable and hassle-free.Your application is confidential and won’t affect your credit score. In just under 3 minutes, you can complete the process and see your results immediately.

Financing Made Easy

Embarking on your beauty journey has never been more straightforward. Beautifi’s online application process is not only user-friendly but also fortified with top-notch security. And remember, flexibility is key – whether you wish to repay in part or in full, we don’t bind you with any pre-payment penalties.

Zero Money Down

Leave the upfront payment to Beautifi; they’ll handle the direct financial dealings with Worthy Skin & Beauty Bar. Their commitment ensures your monthly payments remain manageable, always aligning with your financial comfort zone.

Get Started

Tailor your payment plan to your preferences. With Beautifi, you have the luxury to select from terms ranging between 6 months and 6 years. Discover the optimal monthly installment that resonates with your financial strategy, ensuring you can invest in your beauty aspirations with peace of mind.

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How quickly can I expect an approval?

Submit your application online and receive a pre-qualification in just a few minutes. With Beautifi, you can anticipate full loan approval and procedure financing in under a day.

Does the application process affect my credit?

Rest assured, Beautifi employs a “gentle credit inquiry,” ensuring no changes to your credit score. Applying with Beautifi is risk-free, with zero obligations.

What determines my interest rate?

​The rate you receive factors in elements like your monthly earnings and credit track record, as well as the specified loan amount and duration. Enjoy competitive rates beginning at a mere 8.95%.

Is early loan repayment an option?

Absolutely! Should you wish to clear a part or the entirety of your loan ahead of time, you can do so without incurring any additional charges or pre-payment penalties.

Do I have to finance the full cost of my procedure?

The choice is yours. Opt to cover the entire procedure or finance only a specific segment, based on your comfort and requirements.